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The Studio and More


Lessons are primarily taught in my home studio in Ballwin, Missouri. Lessons can also be arranged to be given over FaceTime or Skype. Studio instruments include a Kawaii studio piano and a Yamaha CVP 609 Clavionva.  An iPad Pro is used in the studio to supplement learning with the use of music apps and videos.  


Students will be exposed to a variety of music styles including Classical, traditional, sacred, popular, folk, jazz and blues. A variety of comprehensive courses which include note reading, theory, technique, sight reading, and ear training are used with each student. Students will have opportunities to perform along with background MIDI files, arrange their own music and record their performances.  



Students will have the opportunity for ensemble play, including duets, duo, trios, quartets and more. These experiences teach students to listen in a different way from solo playing. Not only do students need to execute the correct notes, phrasing, articulation, balance, dynamics and tempo changes of their own playing, they must do so while listening to another pianist.  Ensemble play strenghtens a students rhythm immensely.  Not only is ensemble work an excellent way to teach musicianship, but it is incredibly fun.  


There are many opportunities for performances and adjudicated festivals throughout the year, which are listed on the studio calendar. Christmas Concert and Spring Recital and Awards are included with tuition.  District Auditions, Clavinova Festival, Holiday Play-a-thon, Monster Piano Concert, Sacred Music Festival and Federation Festival have additional entry fees that are listed on each events page.   

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